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PetsWear by Petals is a new way of expressing your love for your pet. With just a photo of your pet, our AI will make a portrait of them perfect for clothes. Once you're satisfied with your design, you can order and share your finished apparel!


Upload an photo of your pet and convert them to custom apparel!

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Design custom hoodies with just a description.

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Design custom socks with just a description.

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How does the AI generate designs?

Our AI uses Stable Diffusion XL as well as other models to analyze and generate unique designs based on the description you provide!

Can I refine my generated designs?

Absolutely! While the AI generates the initial design, you can fine-tune it to your satisfaction.

Can I use photos other than pets as reference?

Yes! You can upload both photos of your pets, and photos of other things for the AI to use as reference. However, clear photos of pets will work best.

Will my designs be saved?

Your final designs can be saved for sharing to friends and family.

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